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Dr. Joyce McSwan

Dr. Joyce McSwan

Pain Medicine

Joyce McSwan, is a multiaward winning Clinical Pharmacist, Pain Educator and Pain Program developer, with 18 years experience in hospital, community, therapeutic education and Aged Care facilities.

Dr. Tony McJunkin

Dr. Tony McJunkin

Pain Management

Dr. Tory McJunkin is a double-board certified interventional pain medicine physician.

Dr. Norm Carter

Dr. Norm Carter

Pain Therapist

Dr. Norm’s experience includes working with clients experiencing neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, stress-related disorders, chronic back pain, and work related injuries.

About Tramadol


Tramadol is one of the most popular and demanded medicine for all kind of pain. It’s an opioid pain relief medication and it is available under the different brand names like Ultram, Oltram, Topdol, Ultracet. This medication can be taken to treat moderate to severe pain. It was developed in Germany in the early 1960s and available for use in Europe in the late 1970s. The drug became available in the United States in 1995. this medicine have the ability to get all of your pain out of your body, It has an affinity for neurons in the brain that serve as receptors for endorphins and enkephalins, naturally derived neurotransmitters that decrease the subjective experience of pain and stress. Tramadol should not be given to a child younger than 12 years old. Ultram ER should not be given to anyone younger than 18 years old. It does not matter which type of pain you are suffering from Tramadol is the best choice for you.


Do you need a painkiller that you can use for low to extreme pain? At that point, Tramadol is a great decision. This painkiller is powerful to the point that it is utilized to treat pain; pain caused by diseases and other extreme pain issues. Tramadol is just a medication that you can purchase simply without prescription from a reputed online pharmacy with Online E.Prescription. here is no issue if you do not have time to visit a doctor as you can easily get it online. So, people can order Tramadol without prescription but only after getting an online prescription from an online pharmacy. For this situation, you arrange Tramadol without Prescription from your Online Pharmacy with an online prescription.


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Is It Legal To Purchase Tramadol Online?

Tramadol, a magic pill to moderate severe pain or chronic pain, Tramadol is a type of narcotic pain relief which is prescribes for moderate or moderately severe pain, nerve pain or chronic pain in adults. This drug works by changing the way the brain and body perceive pain and make a feeling that no pain in the body.

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Opioid Is Better Option For Pain

What are opioids? When you have a mild headache or muscle ache, an over-the-counter pain reliever is usually enough to make you feel better. But if your pain is more severe, your doctor might recommend something stronger a prescription Opioid,

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Living With Chronic Pain Is Not Easy

Chronic pain is not like other medical issues it cannot be seen or measured, and there is no set protocol to “make it better.” The unique and complicated factors that characterize chronic pain make it difficult to communicate what you are going through.

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What Is Tramadol:

Tramadol sold under the brand name Ultram among others, is an opiod pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately chronic pain or severe pain. When taken by mouth in an immediate-release formulation, the onset of pain relief usually occurs within an hour.

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